Olympic Coney Island’s WBSD Support

Olympic Coney Island’s WBSD Support

Giving back to the Woodhaven-Brownstown community and its students has always been an easy decision for Nick Skotanis, owner of Olympic Coney Island located on West Road and Telegraph.

“It has always been a top priority because we know that when the community thrives our business thrives,” Nick says. “We want the community to rely on us and know we are here to support them.”

Since opening Olympic Coney Island in 2004, Nick has partnered with WBSD over the years to support students in several ways. The business has always opened its doors to host club meetings and fundraisers and many Warriors have gone on to become employees. Olympic Coney Island also partnered with the City of Woodhaven and a local family to raise money to pave the track at Bates Elementary School.

In recent years, Olympic Coney Island established a scholarship program to help students with college expenses. Every year, one student from Woodhaven High School who exhibits outstanding citizenship and academic success is selected to receive $1,000 and one student from each of the other schools is selected to receive $500.

The following students are the 2022 scholarship recipients.

  • Ryan Bolduc, Woodhaven High School
  • Demond Smith, Patrick Henry Middle School
  • Madeline Scala, Brownstown Middle School
  • Bryce Young, Bates Elementary
  • Hailey Trimai, Erving Elementary
  • Kristin Vanderkooi, Gudith Elementary
  • Gavin Dong, Wegienka Elementary
  • Austin Bagwell, Yake Elementary

Since launching the program three years ago, Olympic Coney Island awards students $4,500 in scholarships and gift cards a year, resulting in more than $12,000 total. Nick hopes that other local businesses will join Olympic Coney Island in its efforts.”

“This is what communities thrive on,” Nick says. “Everyone coming together to support students. I would love to see other businesses in the area jump on board and make a commitment so we can help even more students as they prepare to take on college.”

With support from businesses and organizations in the community, WBSD students are better positioned to thrive in the district and a post-graduation world. If your business or organization is interested in partnering with Woodhaven-Brownstown School District, please call (734) 783-3300 or visit mywbsd.org.