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The Leader In Me

The 7 Habits...

The 7 Habits Tree

1. Be proactive...take action and be responsible for your actions

2. Begin with the End in Mind...consciously plan out and visualize your goals

3. Put First Things First...set priorities and carry them out

4. Think negotiation, seek solutions that help both yourself and the other person

5. Seek First to Understand, then Be communication, listen actively before you talk

6. work, open yourself to others to work effectively in teams

7. Sharpen the Saw...relax, rejuvenate, and revitalize yourself

Boy with magnifying glass Boy with magnifying glass Girl with magnifying glass Girl with magnifying glass Girl with magnifying glass

"I love the 7 Habits! They help your body. They help you learn.
Thank you for teaching us the 7 Habits! They helped us become better people.
You guys are great!"
Madalyn A.

"The 7 Habits help me be smart. Now that I know the 7 Habits, I succeed.
My favorite habit is synergize, because you work together!
You wouldn't be smart if you didn't know all the 7 Habits!"
Marissa F.

"The 7 Habits are important to me because if someone had an argument,
they could solve the argument with the 7 Habits."
Parker C.

"The 7 Habits helped me be a better leader.
Now that I know them, I love them!"
Mason G.

"The 7 Habits help me read and write better.
My favorite Habit is number 6, Synergize, because you get help from your friends."
Robert C.