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    Approximately 950 eligible special education students receive a broad spectrum of education services including: academic and psychological assessments, speech and language services, teacher and behavioral consultant services, social work services, nursing services, academic support through collaborative teaching, resource room or self contained classrooms, and attendance in out-district specialized programs. These specialized services are provided by a team of more than 86 certified professionals and 28 qualified paraprofessionals.

    The determination for special education eligibility is initiated through a building-level Child Study Team meeting process. This team, with parental involvement, reviews current classroom performance and the results of interventions and accommodations that have been utilized to assist the child educationally and /or behaviorally. If further testing is indicated, students are assessed to determine whether or not they are eligible to receive special services under state and federal guidelines. An Individualized Educational Program Team (IEPT) then meets with involved staff and parents to make final recommendations. If a student is eligible to receive special education services, the team develops a service plan based on the student’s present level of achievement. Evaluations and services are delivered within established legal guidelines to ensure the rights of the child, parent, and school district are protected.

    Additional information may be obtained by contacting the district’s Special Services Department at 734-783-3322, Matthew Salah, Director.

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