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Completed Drills

  • The Drill Schedule is continually updated as drills take place throughout the school year.  

  • What is ALICE?

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  • ALICE is an options-based strategy of preparation and planning for individuals and organizations on how to more proactively handle the threat of an aggressive intruder or active shooter event.  The key components of ALICE are:


    • Alert - using plain and specific language to alert others to the danger
    • Lockdown - if evacuation is not an option, barricade the room, lock the door, move the desks/cabinets/tables, tie-off the handle, make the room inaccessible
    • Inform - communicate and inform the situation in real-time. Update after alert, specify location, description, and give directions when applicable
    • Counter - this is a method of last resort. When evacuate is not an option and lockdown has been compromised. Create noise, distractions, movement to interfere with the person presenting the danger
    • Evacuate - preferred method of response. When safe to do so, remove yourself from the danger zone. Alert and inform is critical to performing this


    During the 2018-19 school year, the district began implementing ALICE training into our lockdown drills. Three lockdown drills were conducted using the ALICE method with students actively participating in age appropriate methods for both elementary and secondary students.


    ALICE is the preferred method of response, and the district is fully committed to continued training of staff and students.


    Throughout each school year, our staff and students participate in the following emergency drills:


    • Fire Drills - five per year with the goal being to evacuate to the outside because the danger is inside
    • Tornado Drills - two per year with the goal to shelter inside (primarily hallways) because the danger is outside
    • Lockdown Drills - three per year following the ALICE preferred method of preparedness



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