• Developing the New Woodhaven Upper Elementary

  • The Woodhaven-Brownstown School District has developed a comprehensive reconfiguration plan that has involved years of research and development. The new 5th-6th Grade Woodhaven Upper Elementary School will begin in Fall 2024 at what is currently Patrick Henry Middle School.

    The school will be experiencing large-scale updates over the next 18 months that include: new playgrounds, a STEM classroom, a technology lab, middle and high-school robotics, Learning Commons, classroom renovations, new art studios, and new band and choir spaces.

    5th grade - 6th grade Programming

    The 5th and 6th grade students will be in “Houses” of approximately 100 - 115 students. They’ll travel to specials and lunch with their “House” each day.

    • 5th-grade students will have two core subject teachers who each teach mathematics and reading to their homeroom class and either science or social studies.
    • 6th-grade students will have four core subject teachers, one for mathematics, reading, social studies, and science.

    Guiding Principles

    Multi-disciplinary teams came together in the research and development process and established three main guiding principles for the building:

    Keep Students “Younger Longer”

    We developed a program that includes playgrounds and intentionally designed classrooms into “Houses”. This isn’t a middle school, but rather an Upper Elementary.

    Gradual Release of Responsibility

    In the program, you’ll notice that 5th graders have two teachers and four teachers in 6th grade. This gradual release is developmentally appropriate and sets our students up for success.


    From the core and beyond, each element of the program is student-centered. The building also has implemented time to provide daily academic and social-emotional intervention and enrichment.

    Meet the Principal of the Woodhaven Upper Elementary School 



Degrees and Certifications:

Roger Gurganus

Principal of the Woodhaven Upper Elementary School 

Roger Gurganus, “Mr. G,” is a graduate of Michigan State University, and has been an educator since 2005. Mr. G began his career in the WBSD teaching 2nd and 3rd grades at Yake Elementary School, then became Assistant Principal at Brownstown Middle School and later Principal at Patrick Henry Middle School.