Testing Information (SAT and ACT)

  • SAT Test Dates and Deadlines


    Acquiring Your SAT/ACT Scores

    To access your scores, you would've had to provide College Board with your email, or you will need to create a College Board Account on their website, see below with instructions.


    Create a College Board account from website: Create a free College Board account


    Create an account through confirmation email. If you provided an email address during testing, you’ll get a message when your scores are ready. Once you get the confirmation email:


    If you need assistance gaining your SAT or PSAT scores, you can contact College Board at 866-433-7728, email PSAT psathelp@info.collegeboard.ord, or visit the College Board and go to the SAT Student/Parent Inquiry Form.


    Woodhaven High School cannot send your SAT or ACT scores.

    SAT and ACT scores are property of CollegeBoard and ACT. WHS students who wish to send their SAT and/or ACT scores must request them directly from College Board (SAT) or ACT.


    SAT/ACT Test Prep Support:

    Khan Academy/ College Board

    College Board and Khan Academy have teamed up to provide personalized test preparation for the SAT. Students can access by registering online at Khan Academy.


    Online ACT Prep Help

    The only test preparation program designed exclusively by ACT test development professionals.

    ACT Prep


    Online SAT Prep Help

    College Board website


    ACT Test Preparation Workshops

    These workshops are designed to prepare 10th, 11th, and 12th grade students who plan to take the ACT. Timed practice sessions covering each area of the test, English, Math, Reading, Science Reasoning, and Essay will be given under test conditions. There will be discussions on test taking skills and strategies, review of all instructions, timing techniques, guessing, avoidance of common errors and development of positive thinking. Various dates and locations throughout Michigan are available (248-552-7209).