Playgroup spelled out with children holding the letters
  • TOTE (Teach Our Tots Early) Early On Playgroup Program is offered every week during the school year and every other week in the summer. Once your child has qualified for our TOTE Early On Program, you are more than welcome to attend our playgroups. Your caseload teacher will be able to give you more detailed information regarding the times and days of Playgroup.  Due to the structure of the program, we ask that you not bring siblings to the group. Playgroup is intended for you and your child only. 
    What is Playgroup?
    Through our quality playgroup experience, children will work on following routines and directions, increase their understanding of social cues, practice sharing materials, practice communicating their needs and learn how to participate in a group setting through our planned group activities.  Playgroup will provide a safe and happy environment for children to learn and play . Playgroup is an opportunity for parents and children to build friendships and for your children to participate in developmentally appropriate activities that will help facilitate the many skills needed for their development.