The History of Yake Elementary

  • Who was Elin Christine Yake?
    Elin Christine Yake, a courageous leader in the Woodhaven Community, was born December 10, 1909 in Karlsham, Sweden, and died in the City of Woodhaven, June 16, 1969, after suffering from cancer for five years.

    Elin C. Yake

    Immigrating to the United States, Elin attended Northeastern High School in Detroit. She married John Yake in 1932. Together, they raised four children: John Jr., Shirley, Ernest, and Wayne.

    Mrs. Yake fought a brave battle for several years to bring city water to her street so her neighbors would not have to carry water. Always civic minded, she was instrumental in the development of the City of Woodhaven and in bringing in the Bank Branch for the convenience of her people.

    She was very active in school affairs. Anxious that all should have equal educational opportunities, she served on the school board for four years, and was instrumental in getting the Bates School built.

    Mrs. Yake was a strong Christian, active in her church, where she faithfully served as treasurer for seven years. Her whole way of life was devoted to serving others. There were, are, and will be others like Elin, but not many.