The History of Gudith Elementary School

  • The Gudith Family...
    Gudith Elementary School is named after the entire Gudith family. The Gudith family name has a long and rich history connected with the current site of the elementary school and the Downriver area.

    The Gudith family goes back as far as 1890 in the history of the school district and the community.

    John Gudith was actively involved in school board matters from 1890-1919, a period of 29 years.

    William Gudith served as director of the school board from 1907-1945, a period of 38 years.

    Orin Gudith served on the school board in 1950. Members of the Gudith family have served in the capacity of school teachers in the school district. The site of Gudith Elementary School was once owned by the Gudith family, and was the site of the first home in the area. The house was a log cabin structure, built by the Gudith family.