The History of Erving Elementary School

  • Who was Mary Quick Erving?
    Mary Quick Erving, a life-long resident of the original Maple Grove school area, served on the first school board in 1924 when it was still a primary district. She served on this board from 1924-1946, a total of 22 years.

    Mary Quick Erving photo

    During this time, she worked diligently for the district. Through her efforts, the first eight room brick building was completed in 1941. Arranging for the work to be done by the W.P.A., she eliminated the cost of labor for the district. Further, in her tireless effort to serve the system, she walked to most board business, not taking a taxi since it “wasn’t proper to use the district money.”

    In addition to serving on the Maple Grove Board, Mary Quick Erving was a charter member of the Improvement Association. Through the efforts of this group, the first recreation center was made available to the community; dedicated to the boys who lost their lives in service.

    Mary Quick Erving died August 25, 1954. Until her death at 83, she remained active and interested in the Maple Grove School District.