Foster Care Children

    Foster care children living with you NO LONGER NEED a SEPARATE application and can now be included with other children in the household. However; any income that the foster child receives MUST be included and added to the overall household income. If they do not receive any money, put $0 in that space for income. Although the foster child will automatically receive free meals, the non-foster children will still be evaluated according to the number of family members on the application and the total income listed.To help shorten the processing time of new applications, remember to fill out the application completely by including the following:

    The FIA case # for each child (if applicable)
    - How much and how often each household member receives money
    - Signature of the adult completing the application
    - The signer’s SS # (SS # not required if an FIA case number is listed or if the application is for a foster child with no other children listed in the household). 

    New students must pay full price for all food while their application is being processed and until notified of their status. Returning students whose benefits were based on income will keep the prior year’s status for 30 calendar days. If a new application is not turned in during those first 30 days, their benefits will expire and they will become “full pay.” Students will be responsible to pay full price for their food until a new application is turned in, processed and their status is determined.