• ASCA Mindsets and Behaviors

    Benefits of the MCGCP

    The four components of this program are:

    1. Guidance Curriculum - Structured experiences are presented in small group sessions, classroom presentations, and/or team teaching situations. Topics could include: study skills, decision making skills, career awareness, career exploration, planning course selections for high school, job preparation, personal responsibility skills, peer pressure resistance skills, and personal safety issues.

    Educational Support Groups
    Educational support groups provide education and support for students who may be experiencing difficulties or concerns in a variety of areas. Participating in these groups is voluntary; each group deals with a specific theme. Students benefit from learning in a group setting by having an opportunity to learn and practice new skills and by experiencing a comfortable environment where students receive positive peer support and the opportunity to talk with their peers and share feelings and ideas.

    As part of the counseling program at Patrick Henry Middle School, educational support groups are available to students. An example of an educational support group would be a New Student Group. This group provides an opportunity for new students at Patrick Henry Middle school to become acquainted with other new students as well as discuss their feelings about their experiences at a new school, learn about school activities and become aware of the many support systems within the school environment. Another example of a student support group would be a Grief/Loss Group. Students in this group are provided an opportunity to address their concerns over loss through death, divorce, or separation of someone in their life who was important to them.


    Role of School Counselor